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Underground Wet Utilities

Few people stop to think about the complicated process of water delivery, but water pipelines are essential for the proper functioning of communities. At National Pipeline Contractors we pride ourselves on being recognized as an industry leader in water pipeline construction. Our services include comprehensive planning and pipeline contractor services designed to achieve maximum results, while meeting or exceeding state and local regulations. National Pipeline Contractors is highly experienced in all aspects of residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and municipal water system installations.

Storm drains are often unappreciated; people do not realize the mess and destruction that would occur without these systems in place. National Pipeline Contractors holds great expertise in constructing and installing efficient storm drainage systems for residential, industrial, and municipal properties and areas.

Sewage systems are vital for public and environmental cleanliness and safety.  National Pipeline Contractors is knowledgeable in the installation and maintenance of a wide range of sewer systems, including residential, industrial, and municipal systems. We work closely with civil engineers to ensure that your project is completed according to the criteria required by local authorities. Our services are available for projects in both the private and public sector.

Firelines offer an immediate form of defense against fires in a building. These lines are often an important factor in the design and construction of commercial, residential, and municipal properties. A properly installed and maintained fire line system provides an unmatched level of safety to the public. A complete fireline directs water from a pressurized underground system to an overhead pressurized system that releases water in the case of a fire. National Pipeline Contractors specializes in the installation of the underground portion of a fire line, which connects to a municipality’s water main.

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